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Rhonda Donahue, PhD

Rhonda Donahue, PhD

I have been in the Wellness Industry for over 20 years and have been approached by hundreds of Companies and products and I have become very selective in what products I not only use for myself but also make available or recommend to my patients. 

I usually take over a year to research and try a product before recommending it.   I specialize in Detoxification and Anti-Aging and I look for products that can benefit these areas. 

Why did I decide to take and recommend MOXXOR? 

  1. It is the most valuable supplement I have seen that everyone needs and can benefit from, Adults, children, pregnant women and pets.
  2. There are no Heavy Metals like mercury and PCB’s commonly found in Fish.
  3. The cold pressed process ensures potent bioavailability of all 18 Polar Phospholipid Omega 3’s exclusively found in the Green Lipped Mussel.
  4. One Omega 3 in particular is ETA which is not found in other Omega 3 sources with its unique ability to inhibit both the COX and LOX inflammation pathways at once.
  5. No seafood allergies
  6. It is an organic whole food.
  7. It has a 79% Anti-Inflammatory value compared to ½ % for Fish oil.
  8. The beautiful combination of Grapeseed Husk and Kiwi Seed Oil gives this product more anti-oxidant and immune building value than any other Omega 3 product I have seen. This is of great importance in todays world of toxins and free radicals.  Our bodies are overburdened and unwillingly and unknowingly being attacked by:

*Pollution*Chemicals*Radiation*Stress and so on.


MOXXOR addresses all of these underlying assaults on our bodies. All this in a tiny easy to swallow pea size capsule!


MOXXOR is important in achieving what I think are the three most important things we can do for our bodies.

1.     Reducing INFLAMMATION which is at the root of almost if not all disease. And this is done by taking OMEGA 3

2.     Combating free radical damage by taking Antioxidants as with the Grapeseed Husk

3.     Building the immune system with Vitamin E as found in the Kiwi Seed Oil in Moxxor.


I personally have noticed increased mental focus, clarity and reduced fatigue and soreness after workout.  In addition I was left with a numb toe after bunion surgery about 4 years ago and now It is no longer numb.  I have had great results with family members and patients in the areas of lowering cholesterol, blood pressure, Psoriasis, plus many other conditions.

I truly believe that this is a product that everyone should be taking.  The value for the price is unbeatable, and the opportunity to share the product with others and get compensated because of it makes joining MOXXOR a no brainer.

Joint our team so that you can be healthy and create a residual income now!


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